…..or two! I just finished watching an episode of Friends. I was sitting here stitching and the TV was on, so what can you do… It was the episode where they all turned 30 years old, except Phoebe who missed a year and was actually turning 31. At the end of the episode Ross noted that in ten years they would all be turning 40! Joey, in his wisdom and fear, looked upward and said, “Why God, why?”

Do you feel that way as the years fly by? I know I do! I remember 30 very well. I had given birth to Andy the year before and the big birthday really went by without much celebration. My goal at that time was to be the best mother I could to three children under the age of six!

But 40…oh that was a biggie! We were living in Las Vegas while Sam was stationed at Nellis Air Force Base. That precious man rented a yellow Corvette for me for 24 hours! It was over the top wonderful. We picked it up in the early evening and then went to dinner. After that we drove home and I took Christin, Scott and Andy (one at a time, obviously) for a ride with the top off. Such fun! The next day I hosted an Officers’ Wives’ Club meeting in my home and parked out front was this beautiful Vette! I also drove across town to take my sister and her children on a ride. It is one of my most favorite memories!

So then she turns 50! OUCH! This one hurt just a little. But again Sam Brown to the rescue. I’m telling you that this man was so romantic and so full of surprises that I never knew what was coming next! He surprised me with a trip to Las Vegas (we were stationed at Fort Belvoir, VA at the time) for the Air Force’s 50th anniversary celebration! I couldn’t believe it. Forget the fact that I didn’t know that the Air Force and I were born in the same year…..this was over the top! There was a huge banquet with several hundred people attending and there we were, right in the middle of it. Unbeknownst to me, Sam had told our dear friend and Chief of Staff of the AF, General Fogleman, that is was not only the Air Force’s birthday but mine as well. Imagine my surprise when he mentioned that in his speech. But Sam Brown did not stop there. No….this man had plans! Years prior to this day I fell in love with a James Avery ring called the Texas Star. It was an amazing ring that featured a special cut blue topaz in the shape of the 5 pointed star of Texas. Oh how I wanted that ring! Brownie said to me, “Ok I’ll buy it for you under one of these circumstances: If I make Brigadier General or we are assigned back to Texas.” Well…..let’s just say he got tired of waiting so he bought it for me on my 50th birthday! He had asked members of the Air Force Band and Singing Sergeants to sing Happy Birthday to me right there during the celebration of the AF’s 50th when he presented the ring to me. You would have thought it was a marriage proposal!

The rest of these big birthdays happened but without importance. I don’t mean to be flippant about the passing of the years, but what I’m trying to say is this: It really doesn’t matter where you are on your life’s journey! Just make each day count. I’m preaching to me too as well because I fall short of my goals day after day. I want to serve others, to make a difference in lives around me, to show Christ in everything I do, and to be available to those in need. I get wrapped up in my own grief and life-situation and I allow that to slow me down. I pray that you will see past that and know my heart! I want to make a difference in the people that read my blog! Please allow me to do that!

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  1. Your words!! I don’t know what to say. They leave me feeling so many emotions, and smiling at the warm thought of your very own fairytale! We should all be so Blessed.
    Thank You for the inspiration.
    Love You


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